Thursday, December 2, 2010

Guest Blogger Tracie Nichols: A Winter Invitation

This week, I'm pleased to welcome Tracie Nichols, from Alchemy for the Earth (visit her here ) as a guest blogger. I hope you enjoy her unique voice and perspective on natural spirituality.  Thank you, Tracie!


Fat wet snowflakes fall on everything. Several inches of them coat tree branches to the tiniest twig. Shrubs and herb plants look like spiky sugar dipped candies. Branches slope toward the ground, resilience tested by the burden of snow. The weight of the scant inch of snow on my own shoulders makes me wonder what it must be like to be a tree or a blade of grass holding up that much sky?

Moving beyond my own experience and observations I reach out with my senses finding empathy with all those plants who remain above ground during the cold months here; the trees and shrubs, herbs and grasses. I feel the weight of the snow and the presence of the earth. I know in my plant-self that bowing down with this weight will release damaged and broken parts of myself that might invite disease. I understand that this process will contribute to my greater thriving and the greater thriving of my whole community of brother and sister plants, animals, birds and insects. I know that the loving wisdom of nature offers me this blanket of sky so that I can offer up the spent parts of myself, and become more vibrant.

Stretching my awareness to encompass both my human experience and my plant experience simultaneously, I know that I’m offered this chance in my human life too. I can slough disabling, diseased habits of mind and life patterns and move into thriving. I can grow new ways of being that contribute to the greater flourishing of the ecosystem/community of which I am a limb/member. Being present with the land where I live and moving with the rhythms, cycles, and patterns of life here, I am invited to participate in this winter ritual of releasing dead wood, diseased parts, and readying myself for new growth and life.

What life cycles offer themselves to you where you are? What rituals or patterns are inviting your participation? What gifts await when you join in?

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  1. Thanks Rebecca! It's wonderful to be here in this amazing community...